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A Comprehensive Guide to Enjoyable Activities Near New Standard Saugatuck

Having recently established itself as an influential entity in Saugatuck, New Standard Saugatuck offers residents and visitors an array of enjoyable activities and places to explore. While our positioning makes us a Cannabis Destination, there’s more to us, which is evident from the recreational and social events we sponsor in the area.

Just a short distance from our location, you’ll find outdoor activities like the Saugatuck Dunes State Park. Perfect for hiking enthusiasts, the park provides 13 miles of outdoor trails, perfect for sightseeing, picnic adventures, and wildlife spotting. Also, for water activity enthusiasts, the Kalamazoo River offers perfect opportunities for canoeing and fishing.

For history aficionados, the Saugatuck-Douglas Historical Museum is a noteworthy visit. It offers a wealth of information about the history of Saugatuck and surrounding areas and hosts numerous exhibitions throughout the year.

Don’t forget the Saugatuck Center for the Arts, a versatile venue that hosts Broadway-quality theater, a lively concert series, exhibitions, and much more.

Foodies are not left out. Saugatuck’s vibrant gastronomic scene includes everything from cocktail lounges to fine dining establishments. A favorite is the Clearbrook Grill Room, known for its high-end meals and warm, inviting atmosphere.

After indulging yourself in these activities, it’s only fitting to complete your enjoyable day with a visit to our store, New Standard Saugatuck. Here, you can explore our wide selection of cannabis products and knowledgeable budtenders ready to guide you.

Saugatuck is more than a Cannabis Destination; it’s a community filled with life, art, and adventure. At New Standard Saugatuck, we believe in embracing and supporting our beautiful surroundings. Come see what your next adventure could be!