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Our professional horticulturists work tirelessly, cultivating the finest Flower strains, with a focus on sustainability and natural growth techniques. From Sativas that invigorate the mind, Indicas that soothe the body, to Hybrids that balance both, our selection is versatile and expansive.

Step into our gourmet corner, and delight in the pleasure of our carefully curated Edibles. Made with an emphasis on purity and potency, they offer a delicious alternative to traditional cannabis consumption methods. We provide a range of sweet and savory options, making it easier than ever to enjoy high-quality cannabis in an exciting new format.

At The Farm Dispensary, we also offer a diverse selection of Concentrates. Precisely curated to deliver you a potent, purer form of cannabis, our concentrates range from Shatter to Live Resin, each offering unique experiences. Explore our offerings and find your perfect match.

The Farm Dispensary invites you to step through our doors and explore our industry’s rich diversity. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are ready to guide you through your choices, ensuring you leave with a product that truly fits your needs and preferences. Discover all this and more, creating your unique cannabis journey at The Farm Dispensary in Santa Cruz.