The Big Smokey Falls

Smoking in Niagara Falls


The Highs (and Lows) of Dispensaries Across New Mexico

High up in the rolling hills of Tularosa, you’ll find S&H GreenLife’s dispensary – the wild, wild west of weed. If the tumbleweeds could talk, they’d tell tales of ‘the green gold’ that has caused a ruckus in these parts. This all-natural treasure might not be sparkling buried loot, but it’s definitely worth striking.

The Treasure of Holloman AFB

Over at Holloman AFB, whispers of marijuana magic have taken flight. The truth? It’s just S&H GreenLife employing their green thumbs to craft a variety of strains that would make any enthusiast soar. Did we mention our cannabis is so good, it’s practically from another galaxy?

In the cozy town of High Rolls, NM, amid mountain trails and apple festivals, a pot shop has become a key part of life. Don’t trust us? Drop by and discover the quality, courtesy (and comedy) of our dispensary team!

Dispensaries light up Boles Acres

Down by Boles Acres, the sun isn’t the only thing getting higher by the day. Our recreational cannabis dispensary has set up shop here, bringing a burst of La Luz brightness to the community and inspiring a new meaning to green life.